Adopt A Room

This is a new program we're implementing which will enable us to partner with the community in updating, repairing and renovating our bedrooms. If you would like to be put on the list for Adopt A Room, please contact Mary S. our Facilities Manager, at

As the adopted rooms are transformed into comfortable, safe, welcoming spaces, donors are able to clearly see the impact of their goodwill. They can receive pictures of their adopted rooms before, during and after the refurbishing process. Once rooms are reopened donors can receive information on how many women and children have found safe haven in their rooms and how many nights of shelter their rooms provided. The Women's Shelter has 6 adoptable rooms and the cost of adopting ranges in price from $200-$500. Renovations can include new paint, flooring, window treatment, beds and other furniture. Donors also have the option of teaming up for a room, covering the cost of just one part of the renovation or update .In addition to bedrooms donors can choose to adopt other rooms in the shelter such as the intake room, front offices, advocate office, kitchen, dining room, or garage storage project.

For more information please call Mary at: 218-828-1216

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