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                               Christmas Present

                            Wrapping Fundraiser 

Christmas Helpers will help you wrap your presents we have wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and gift tags All you have to do is bring your gifts to the WestGate Mall and we’ll do the rest. 
We realize your time is precious. 
Don’t wait until 2am Christmas Eve to wrap gifts! Please don’t use a grocery sack for that special present!! We’re here to help! Save time this season, bring your gifts to the mall and we’ll wrap them up for a DONATION!

Westgate Mall booth Wrapping Days/Hours are as follows: 

November 23rd   10am-4pm
November 24th   11am-4pm
November 25th   1pm-4pm
November 30th   1pm-5pm
December 1st      12pm-5pm 
December 2nd     1pm-4pm
December 7th      1pm- 5pm
December 8th      12pm- 5pm
December 9th      1pm-4pm
December 14th    1pm-5pm 
December 15th    1pm- 5pm
December 16th    1pm-5pm
December 21st     12pm-6pm
December 22nd    12pm- 8pm
December 23rd     12pm- 5pm 

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